Flash Verizon Galaxy Nexus w/ Jelly Bean (CM10, rooting, etc)

Alex Egg,

These are my notes from flashing my Verizon Galaxy Nexus ICS phone to Jelly Bean using CM10 (cyanogen mod) that was just released today.

  1. Unlock Boot loader
    Power down handset. Press and hold volume up/down + power to start some unlock screen. On your computer terminal type fastboot oem unlock then follow the prompt and restart your handset. This wipes your user data on the sdcard. The handset will reboot and you have effectively unlocked the book loader.

  2. Install ClockworkMod Recovery image
    You can boot into this app to manage flashing your ROMS and do backups. I used this one: http://download.clockworkmod.com/recoveries/recovery-clockwork- . Now boot into the boot loader again (up/down + power) then in your computer terminal (using ADB tools) run fastboot flash recovery path_to_clockwork_image.img. Now reboot into the boot loaderagain and then use the up/down volume buttons to boot into recovery mode and the Clockwork mod app should launch. From here create a backup for you image as-of-now incase there are issues w/ the flash. Select ‘backup and restore’, etc.

  3. Get Root
    Now you must root the handset. Copy this file http://downloads.androidsu.com/superuser/Superuser-3.2-arm-signed.zip to the root of your devices file system. Then boot into clockwork and click ‘install zip from sdcard’ and do that. Then boot your phone normally and you’ll see you have a Superuser app.

  4. Install ROM
    This was the best image as-of-publish I could find for Jelly Bean on this phone: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1123576/Android/toro/cm/cm-10-20120725-UNOFFICIAL-toro.zip . Copy that to the root of your device.
    Boot into clockwork. Select ‘wipe/factory reset’ and then ‘wipe cache partition’.

Then install zip from sdcard and select the new image.

  1. Install Google Apps
    Put on device and install w/ clockwork:



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