The Physics of Angry Birds

Alex Egg,

Projectile Motion

When the bird leaves the catapult the only force acting on it is gravity: 9.8m/s^2.  There is no acceleration in the x direction so the birds are never slow down, until they hit something

Yellow Bird

Here’s the question I always wonder - does it matter when I tap the screen to make him go faster or not? Is he more powerful if I tap it later or earlier. Consider newton’s first law often phrased as “a force will not change unless acted upon by another force” - let’s think about this. (And i’m assuming angry birds doesn’t have air resistance) Theoretically, when I tap the screen and the bird accelerates to his max speed - he will have to stay at that max speed FOREVER because there is no other force acting on it to accelerate him up or down. Therefore It doesn’t matter when you speed him up because the force will always be the same. Although we must consider the acceleration time - which seems almost instantaneous anyways….

Blue Bird

And for the blue exploding bird - It travels in a parabola until it explodes - after it explodes the 3 particles take seemingly different trajectories - however the center of mass of the system will follow the original trajectory (parabola). Now the question is do each 3 birds have the same mass of the original or is the the original mass/3?? If it’s original/3 I don’t see any point - besides covering more area, but with less power in the collisions. If it’s 3 birds w/ the same orignal mass - I don’t see how that’s physically possible. 

However, the blue bird seems pretty effective when you explode him right before something - need to analyze the physics of this.

Red Bird

Nothing special - just typical parabolic motion.

Bomb Bird

Don’t know yet… 


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